Get online with the Wordpress blogging system

Wordpress - the most popular web site and blogging platform on the web

Wordpress is huge. In fact it is estimated that 172,000,000 sites use it. There is a reason for this: whatever you want to do on the web, WordPress can do it. There is a range of plug-ins - many of them free - which allow you to connect with your social network base, have a friendly customer contact form, and make your blog or web site lighting fast.

Many of the biggest hitters on the web use WordPress. Recently some of the biggest were:

  • TechCrunch.
  • The New Yorker.
  • BBC America.
  • Bloomberg Professional.
  • The Official Star Wars Blog.
  • Variety.
  • Sony Music.
  • MTV News.

How we can help with Wordpress

At GoodlyCode we have already helped several organisations get online with an exciting and dynamic Wordpress website and blog. Maybe we can help you? Go to our contact page and drop us a line. No harm in talking.

Some of our clients:

There is more to Wordpress than installing plug-ins and themes. We can help with customisation of the basic site and automated integration with social media.

Complete Wordpress Service

When you call us you have the option to hand over creation of your site completely to us. Just tell us what you want the site to be about, and we can talk you through look and feel, set it up for you, and show you how to add content. You'll be on the web in no time, adding your voice to the crowd.