I have a major product in the Project Management space: Simpris


Simpris is a modern web based project management system which enables distributed teams to manage their projects. Simpris puts users back in control and lets them manage their work and projects.


Easy to use and understand. Simpris is designed to be an intuitive way of organising your work.

  • Programme management
  • Project management
  • Task management
  • Problem management
  • Secure
  • Mobile friendly

Why you need Simpris

Simpris is an affordable system that grows with your requirements. However big or small you are Simpris can accommodate you.

No hidden or extra costs. Small and large customers get all Simpris features - no extra expense for so-called 'premium' or 'pro' features.

Extract and save your data. Export data into Microsoft Excel and PDF format so you can circulate reports to colleagues.

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