About Me

I am a dedicated professional with over 35 years of experience in business and public sector organisations.

Many years of experience in the following industries:

B2B Music

I worked on the systems of one of the UK's biggest music providers for the hospitality and retail sector.


I wrote from scratch a payment processing solution for one of Europe's biggest Bingo companies, using the powerful Stripe payment gateway system.

Property Services

I spent several years developing software for one of the world's largest property services companies. Systems included:

  • Customer feedback collection
  • A huge data migration of 12 years of sensitive and business critical commercial property surveying data, from one old system to a newly written system
  • CRM - Customer Relationship Management
  • Global A-Z web system which allowed staff to look up colleagues with specific expertise from all over the world

Debt Management

I have helped debt management companies with the software systems, and written bespoke software around some industry standard systems including FICO Debt Manager and TDX DebtFlow.

Local Government

At a time or tremendous change I helped local government in a large English city with several systems to assist in administration:

  • Oracle Workflow to connect the Oracle CRM system to various in-house and commercial local government solutions such as NorthGate housing management software
  • A-Z search engine to enable outsourced call centre staff to look up council services when advising the public
  • Oracle Portal system to manage internal processes
  • Emergency flood management system to manage regional crisis

Logistics and Tracking

I spent years writing systems for the national UK postal service, the Royal Mail

  • International parcel tracking software
  • Business mail guaranteed delivery tracking software/li>
  • Huge scale accounting systems to manage a huge volume of data
  • Business reporting software to provide management information

Food production

I helped to provide global giant Nestle with several systems to manage their UK food production operations. Systems included:

  • Factory time tracking system
  • Intranet monitoring system
  • Feed downloads from major supermarkets
  • Messaging hub software to provide low latency messaging for a massive food manufacturing and distribution operation
  • A multitude of data processing software to analyse and store data


I wrote systems to help launch the upward ascent of reprographics provider Sonoco. Our web system was one of the first to allow global brands such as Unilever and Philips to coordinate the development of reprographic materials for many languages and cultures.


I have assisted in the launch of successful eCommerce solutions adapted from several of the major platforms. I believe that it is best to use an available platform rather than try and re-invent the wheel. Our successful implementations have included:

  • EpiServer shopping cart for a major building merchant
  • nopCommerce shopping cart for a provider of mobility vehicles for the disabled
  • Modern mobile web system for a large volume online retailer
  • Shopping cart for a major clothing retailer
  • SEO development including Google Analytics setup for online retail

Financial Services

I worked with major players in the highly regulated debt management sector, where compliance was central to all data processing. Services provided included:

  • Validation and loading of data into systems.
  • Authentication of customers before call centre agents discuss personal financial situation with them.
  • Call handling web systems bespoke to individual clients to handle various debt scenarios of customers.

Call Centres

I have provided a variety of software systems for call centres in many sectors of the economy:

  • Global food production company - I helped to support a telesales call centre which shipped millions of pounds worth of product every month.
  • Major UK electronics wholesaler - I wrote software to support a 24 hour online ordering and delivery service for electronic components.
  • Global oil company - I supported the call centre for their loyalty card system.
  • Leading UK debt management companies - I wrote software for their call centre handling calls to and from customers who had fallen into debt.
  • Local government - I have provided software to support an outsourced call centre which advised citizens on services and enabled access to them.

Holiday industry

I wrote software to perform data analysis on the data returned from post-package-holiday questionnaires. Requirements here were to determine types of customer, status, satisfaction gained from different holidays